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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

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I've been thinking about Malcolm and how his previous season was his downfall in this season. Last season he was fighting for his life for the whole show. He was on a tribe that couldn't win a challenge and then switched tribes and was separated from his only ally. Then merged. I think that led him to make desperate moves long before there was any need to do them. He was fine with his majority alliance till he betrayed them for no apparent reason. If he had waited longer to make his move he would have been more successful.
Malcolm was right that they would have targeted him because he's physically strong, and that he needed to make a move against the strategic players ASAP.

He was wrong that he had the numbers to do anything, and a complete incompetence when it came to selling his alliance. He applied to Cochran's sense of masculinity and Sherri's desire to come in 5th. Malcolm couldn't sell water to man stranded in the desert.
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