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Jason Faunt has said yes to returning for Super Megaforce

A list of who will likely return for the Super Megaforce and who won't

As if we didn't need anymore confirmation Saban is cheap...

Steve Cardenas
Steve Cardenas turned down the cameo opportunity. The following comment was deleted from Facebook.
“The was too low and there’s not a lot of character development. Just going to be in the background as an extra. I would’ve love to do it but I could possibly take the amount of time away from my business for a little amount of money. I’m sorry but I believe that it’s them that’s letting the fans down because they want to get away with paying a little. I hope you understand”
David Yost got the invitation and turned down the opportunity.

“Megaforce=No 4 me. They lost me when the offer started “Dear Power Ranger” & had several grammatical errors. #donewithabusiverelationships”
Wow. I do remember him being vocal about some people on the production team calling him a "***" because he was gay
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