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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Hilarious episode! Strange though...
The doc calls Borg the party poopers of the galaxy. He later peeps in on B'Elanna showering and tells her do not worry it is nothing I have not seen before, " I am a doctor not a peeping Tom!"
Problem, the Doctor and Seven basically have an offspring. The doc even refers to Seven as his Mom.... A whole new meaning to oopsy-baby. This reminds me of the episode where Paris and Janeway had the worm least this was more humorous.
One saves Voyager from the Borg, and kills himself to prevent the crew from further attacks by the Borg. Seven finds her humanity in the loss, and the doctor apologizes for her loss, but I know he is secretly happy that he gets his emitter back!
Favorite part: seven has a deeper connection to humanity because of her experienced loss.
Least favorite part: Janeway should have pulled the plug on the Drone when it was maturing. They openly acknowledged that the drone would be more powerful then them, and that they did not know if they could control the drone. This threat along with the fact that they may be giving the Borg superior technology should have been enough to " pull the plug ".
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