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Re: The Language of Family

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What I find more strange them seeming to speak English, is that it's 20th century English.
Languages change much more slowly in literate societies than in nonliterate societies. A written standard acts as a slowing force against change. We still learn that splitting an infitive is wrong, even thought infinitives have been splitting unabated for centuries. The interconnectedness of our modern life is acting as another standardizing force which may slow change even further. It's not a totally absurd assumption that English will change very little in the next few centuries.
T'Girl wrote: View Post
In the episode Family, Picard take leave and goes to stay with his brother Robert and Robert's wife and son. I think that the entire time Picard is in France that he and his family are all speaking French, and not English. Yes, we the audience hear the dialog in English, but it is in fact French.

Does this make sense to you?

It's possible. My own idea is that the English language in France simply represents a cultural shift, similar to Anglo-Saxon language and culture infiltrating the Celts in Britain. Picard going home to France and speaking English to his family would be nor more strange than a modern Irishman going home to his family in Ireland and speaking English.
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