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Re: Well, THIS makes me feel old...

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I think part of it is the speed at which technology and communication evolves. I am only 33, but the mindset between myself and someone who is only 23 is like the difference between standing on Earth and standing on the Moon. I'm a tech geek, so I stay on top of technology as best as I can, but the way that people a decade younger than myself use it is just fascinating. The bond between technology and this coming generation is almost inseparable, and the technology has only been around a scant few years.
As a teen I made a movie with Arnold, Stallone, and Chuck Norris doing a commando raid together by copying and splicing scenes from their movies using two VCRs and then dubbing over the audio with a Casio keyboard that could make samples a few seconds long. It was actually pretty cool for what it was but I wonder what I would've made with today's tech and youthful exuberance. Or if I had today's computers instead of a Commodore 64.
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