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Re: so ST 11 is another timeline

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Warp drive is only one example. IMO, there are many other things that are too different for it simply to be written off as due to a brief never seen since encounter with the Narada.
Which is why I said...

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Which is fair enough considering Into Darkness. But I'm happy with the explanation offered by the writers.
Star Trek has never been all that internally consistent, even within various series. Why should I hold J.J. Abrams to a standard I never held Gene Roddenberry or Rick Berman too?
Because JJ Abrams is the incumbent. We can't let him off the hook until he's done with Trek and someone else takes over.
The only thing, IMO, JJ Abrams is "on the hook" for is telling a great story, not reinforcing a group fantasy that Star Trek is actually real.

Now I didn't actually care much for his first movie because I didn't think much of the story, and, as you say, I won't let him off the hook for producing crap. But I have no problem with Abrams and the writers updating aspects of a nearly 50-year-old series to be a little more relevent to today. In fact, Trek needs to be updated. I'd hate for the films to start resembling those fanwank movies on youtube.
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