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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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When I first saw TOS back in the 60s it was supposed to be our future. That was how it was presented and intended. No one writing Trek in the 60's was creating an alternate reality.
I never really got that feeling. I do think that those writing SF often likely try to project something of what they think or feel, but I doubt many absolutely believe they are being definitive or predictive. If one has lived long enough I think you realize that that becomes a fool's errand. There are too many variables you simply cannot foresee.

From Star Trek I got the sense the creator's imagined that this could possibly be us, but in a greater sense rather than the definitive sense. Star Trek was a depiction of an idea rather than a prediction.

That said I certainly don't mean to discount or dismiss what you're saying or how you perceive it.
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