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Re: Who is Spock's wife(or mate)?

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I thought only Roddenberry disavowed TFF.
Isn't that good enough? If others also disavowed it, so much the better.

If Spock had said "priestess" I wouldn't have complained. We saw previously that there were indeed priestesses, and no mention was made that they were forbidden to marry.
80's Roddenberry? Nope.

Was any Vulcan ever called a Priest or Priestess? ( IIRC, T'Lar is only called a Priestess in the credits) Is a Vulcan with a religious title any less in keeping with with what we know of Vulcans, than one with a royal title? Royalty and religion both seem to conflict with the Vulcan adherence to logic and non-emotion.
My point is that we saw a priestess in Star Trek III. Therefore, there would have been precedent for Spock to refer to his father's having married one. We saw no previous reference whatsoever to royalty, royal titles, etc. (no, Enterprise doesn't count since it wasn't around then); therefore, the writers should not have used that word.

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Okay, fine... Gene Roddenberry and I must be the only two people on the whole planet who think it was utter crap and should never have been made.
It was crap, but referring to a Vulcan Princess was the least of it's sins.
I agree that it was not the worst of the problems with that movie - but it's one of the most noticeable (to me, at least).
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