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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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Still, why don't you demand of them that they exert a little more creative effort and create a new set of characters, a new crew for each new novel?
Some of these analogies are just plain "off".

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy got their start on television with actors that became synonymous with the role.

They are not comic book heroes like Batman, Superman, or literary figures like Sherlock Holmes. Sure, you can try to lump them all together, but it's not a perfect analogy.

So when it comes to novels, you're talking about taking something that was originally visual, that is embedded in our heads already, and going to print, rather than the reverse, like with Batman, or James Bond. When you read a novel, you get to use your own imagination to build the production design. Unless the author is writing in lens-flares, you can make it as authentic as you want to the original. There isn't as much threat to authenticity vs. a reboot.

Does it then surprise you that some people have a hard time accepting reboots?

Then on top of this the creator (who should know what he's doing) saw fit to continue with TNG rather than Phase II, and we went on to have several spin-off series that all did pretty well. Sure, it reached a point of diminishing returns, but to completely shrug off anything but the holy trinity of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ignores the long TNG-era run, which included theatrical hits like First Contact.

You're saying that anything post-TOS has no pop-culture resonance whatsoever? That's not true at all. Is it true that TOS has the most resonance? Yes. Which is why it's being done, because the bean-counters go for the lowest-common-denominator only. But in the process they ignore huge swaths of the Star Trek universe that has been built over the years.

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Don't you think there are reasons why people like to go back to those original TOS characters?
Sure, but the franchise is almost half a century old. Maybe it's time to do something besides just reboot and plow over the same ground according to whatever the current popcorn-movie trends may require.

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Your Enterprise, of course, already did operate as a "submarine" and Spock had more than one emotional outburst.
Flying through an amoeba and Spock being under duress through things like Pon Farr, a mind-meld, or a virus, are not the same.
Star Trek: Earhart
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