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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

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I agree with Cold War and Bells of St. John, why on earth does everyone like Crimson horror so much? Was appalling.
Probably because most of us actually like Vastra, Jenny, and Strax.
Why? They're awful. Turning villains into allies never works. I think we've seen the lesbian Silurian in more stories than the others now which to me is a real middle finger, and that's almost the same with Strax. Silurian's do not belong in Victorian London being lesbians, they belong with other Silurians in some sort of situation. Also, enough with the silurians with human faces, I thought he original conception of the silurians was that they don't have human faces.

And Sontarans. They are probably in the top five most iconic doctor who villains list, and one's an ally to the doctor? NO NO NO! Awful. And the lesbian chick's kinda plain.
Silurians never really were villains, so there's nothing wrong with the Doctor befriending one. As for Strax, so what? One Sontaran is friend with the Doctor. People are allowed to be individuals, even in a race of cloned alien soldiers. I'm sure the rest of the Sontarans will gladly try to defeat the Doctor and chant "Sontar-Ha!" when next they meet.

Actually, a storyline I want to see is Strax having a reunion with the Sontarans, but ends up betraying them in defense of Vastra and Jenny. Cliched as fuck, but it would certainly be awesome.
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