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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

OK. All of this is my opinion ofc. I am trying to say how I think Transwarp beaming undermines actually using a starship and/or shuttlecraft to get from point A to point B which is a pretty core component of Star Trek from 1966-2005. Transwarp beaming puts multiple spanners into the works for me. I was willing to let it go as a one-off to help them write their script for ST09 but now its an integral plot device again and it annoys me!!.. I wish it didn't! Honestly! Its too easy and convenient...

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-splitting Kirk into good and evil halves
A one off occurrence caused by accident! What are the odds? This is acceptable (to me.) I probably need to see this ep again, surely this is not something they can easily replicate. I would hope its a one in a million chance or something... its a plot device revisited by TNG once only in 40 years? I think?

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-beaming into a parallel universe
Required plot device for an alt-universe episode, I like mirror eps This is cool They setup a mirror episode and then go away.

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-making a copy of Riker
Ok I need to see the episode to hear the required technobabble but again I assume this is a freak accident that is not easily replicated? It requires certain conditions that may not occur often and even then might not work?

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-De-ageing Picard, Ro, Guinan and Keiko to children
Again, an accident? Remote chance of re-occurance? Cannot do it again? Unlike transwarp beaming where any transporter in the federation can be fed an equation to make it transwarp capable?

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-Making Hoshi into a ghost
I think I skipped this episode tbh, but I assume that once again it was a freak accident, not something that can be repeated on command.

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-Merging Tuvok and Neelix into Tuvix
-Unmerging Tuvix... months later!
Ughh its Tuvix!!! I will trot out the same excuse that allows my brain to 'live with it'.... it was an accident and its highly improbable that you can put two people on the pad and replicate it without something going wrong? Again, I need to listen to the technobabble I suppose. Not ready to re-watch that episode right now

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-Beaming across time in Deep Space Nine
I have forgot this one? Which ep? The difference (again) to transwarp beaming is that you cannot go to any transporter and punch in an equation to beam through time again. A certain set of highly improbable circumstances must have occurred in this episode to cause such an event, unlike transwarp beaming that can be retrofitted into any transporter with some equations with no problem !

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-De-ageing Pulaski and curing her disease
Ok this one beats me but fortunately its a so-so TNG episode from 1988 that I can easily discard

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-De-ageing Kirk and Spock in the cartoons
-Re-ageing the bridge crew after an alternate reality de-aged them in the cartoons.
Come on man, Cartoons don't count!!!

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-Beaming across space and time several times in TOS
Not certain on this one, I need to watch the episodes. Point taken here.

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-The Dominion had a transwarp beaming equivalent in DS9 and used it several times
I have seen DS9 many times and I suppose I have seen these beamings as well and I never noticed. I need to watch the episodes again, I tried to find information about this on memory alpha but I didn't see anything. This is an interesting development! Need to look into it

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-People getting lost in the beam, only to be seen by Barclay as floating monsters during teleport.
-Scotty spending 70 years dematerialized inside a transporter.
-The transporter inventor's son becoming a ghost that mutilated people when they touched him. He spent 18 years like this.

THEY are why transwarp beaming is no big deal whatsoever, and perfectly consistent with the Trek universe. I can only imagine the reaction if they dared resuse one of the other ideas above
The majority of these transporter accidents I believe are caused by some form of anomaly or co-incidence that occurs during the episode that causes the accident and results in these extraordinary events. None of them (?) are as a result of someone actually changing the software to do exactly what occurs. They are mostly freak accidents that cannot be replicated.

Transwarp Beaming is a software update by Scotty using an equation. It results in a transporter that is able to beam people across tens or perhaps hundreds of light-years and it can be used again and again with pretty good success rate (so far!). This imho renders Starships and shuttlecraft obsolete or at the very least undermines their existence. Why bother with them when you can now beam everywhere. Transporters were never meant to be used for interstellar beaming from one solar system to another!

If Kurtzman/Orci had submitted a script like STID or even ST09 to the team in charge of the spinoffs I suspect the first bit to fall by the wayside would have been transwarp beaming because it does not/did not fit into the Trek universe. It is fortunate that the writing staff on the spinoffs had scientific consultants and trek alumni they could go (Okudas, Sternback, Andre Bormanis etc) to to make sure they are not making a mistake with the established Trek gadgets and making them too magical. I would imagine it is something they encountered a lot when they accepted submissions of scripts from the public, now in the nuVerse this consultant team has gone and as a result we have transwarp beaming. Enjoy it people!
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