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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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^^ Works for you, doesn't for me.
For me its all about the intent of the author(s). Star Trek loses something when its not our future.

And I don't that much about making everything "fit". Alternate reality is a cop out.
Then I don't see how you can enjoy much science fiction at all. I can easily accept it on its own terms knowing full well our reality isn't happening or going to happen as depicted onscreen or on the page.
Again it goes back to author intent. When I first saw TOS back in the 60s it was supposed to be our future. That was how it was presented and intended. No one writing Trek in the 60's was creating an alternate reality. Same for other shows, films and prose. 2001 was our future too as was Space: 1999. That by 1999 or 2001 the technology and events depicted never came to pass doesn't change that. One of the driving forces of SF is postulating on our future. Thats was Star Trek was up to in the 60s and TNG/DS9/VOY were in the 80s and 90s. The "history" of the 20th Century, aside from a few minor tweaks, is our history.

I get the fannish need to organize, categorize and rationalize Star Trek so that every second that was aired "counts, but the folks in charge have never taken that tack. For them Star Trek was a work in progress and things that didn't work or no longer fit were set aside. I simply follow that lead.

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It isn't even a science fiction thing. If fiction were just reality spelled out, it would be extremely unsatisfactory not to be able to verify from the news how Jack Bauer yesterday blew up two skyscrapers in order to prevent a terrorist strike...

Timo Saloniemi
That's a bit different, as Star Trek takes place in the future. There is no real reason it has to present a "past" significantly different than our reality.
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