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Re: George Takei and Second Two of TOS

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What cracks me up about Mr. Takei is his constant:

"Star Trek was soooo wonderful, and such high quality; I'd never leave it if I had a choice; where's my 'Captain Sulu series? al..."

Because let's face it; overall he didn't have that big a role in The Green Berets (and I'm not at all faulting him for taking the role as it could have been a big boost to his overall acting career; and that's why he jumped at it); but he always acts like he was with Star Trek (TOS) front to back from day one; and rarely spontaneously mentions , "Oh yeah, I took about half of the second season off from Star Trek to go film The Green Berets with John Wayne..."
He has to say he was loyal to TOS, as it keeps his ability to milk his connection alive. Rest assured, if The Green Berets boosted his career, one of two things might have happened:

1. He returns to TOS, and makes unreasonable demands for more lines ("wweellll, I AM climbing the ladderrrrrr, so it would be in your best interests to write episodes focusing on Suluuuu. Oh, and get rid of that guy from The Monkees. He annoys mmeeee!").

2. He bails from the series, tries his hand at being a "star" for a few years, but in the event he never turned into a strong B-lister, he would crawl back to TOS associations, right around the time of its big syndication/convention revival, and claim he was loyal all along.
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