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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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The scene where they didn't painfully sit around watching the torpedoes beaming aboard ruined the movie for me.

Lol - technological hindrances force characters to make difficult choices. Does the villain hang around to complete the task or does he flee to avoid being captured (lucky for him he was in the only starship in the quadrant and starfleet security was napping again).

But don't be so down on talky or moralising bits. Without them you get a hollow movie full of explosions and women in their underwear. The homage to TWoK felt a bit forced and hollow here whereas I tear up every time in TWoK because of the way that scene is written - the music, the event coming after they think they've cheated death yet again, the talking etc. Some of the greatest sci fi movies of all time have lots of talking. ;P

Still, sometimes less talking can be good. I think Tasha's death and Wash's death in Serenity have a certain cool factor because they aren't noble or drawn out - they're redshirt deaths happening to main characters. That's what I want to see!
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