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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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....but as poorly done as The Alternative Factor least Shatner isn't on all fours naying like a horse with a midget on his back riding him.
[sarcasm]Thanks for the reminder![/sarcasm]

Re: The Alternative Factor: the one saving grace is the one-shot role of Lt. Masters (the lovely Janet MacLachlan), portrayed as capable and assertive in a way not seen in Uhura, Rand or Chapel in that season. She would have made a fine addition to the regular cast. Big missed opportunity.

EDIT: another saving grace was the 2nd act exchange between Kirk and Spock. Requests for accurate science be damned there, because they play the estimated threat so seriously/well, that it is a memorable scene of strong effect. They could have been discussing the weather, and the exchange would still work.
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