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Re: Into Darkness DS9 references (SPOILERS)

Hi everyone! Thanks Orac Zen for taking care of the spoiler in my absence. And it was a good reminder to everyone - please use the spoiler codes when discussing ANY plot point in the new movie - especially in threads that are not marked as spoiler threads. No one likes to be sideswiped with a spoiler for a film they have not yet seen.

I know that we are out of practice in the Trek forums since there has not been any new Trek in a few years. But it is critical that everyone use the spoiler codes and mark any threads that contain spoilers for the new film as such. Remember - when it doubt, err on the side of caution. Always a good policy!

Do NOT assume that everyone has seen the film, just because you have. Some of us don't like huge crowds...some of us live in places where the film has not come out yet, some of us have tricky work schedules and have not been able to go yet, some of us might be short on cash and can't afford to go this week or whatever.

Just think before you post, folk: If you hadn't seen the film yet, would you want to read this? If not, use spoiler codes.

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