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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
The bun was not sexy. if they hadn't had the bun, twice the audience would have wanted to sleep with Janeway, ditto for Jennifers mushroom wig.
I liked the mushroom wig! No, I really didn't mind Kes's hair though. She looked fine with the longer hair too during her final couple of eppys. I'm not a big Kes fan though anyway, but not because of her looks.

Meh...I don't have an issue with Janeway's bun. It was nice to see her let it down though. To be honest, as a woman, if I was doing a job that was extremely demanding physically or just doing anything besides sitting at my desk being a drone, I would have a bun too.

Actually I am wearing my hair up in a bun right now. But mine sits right on top of my head in the center.

Like most people though, I like her later-seasons look better though.
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