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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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63 days and 48 minutes till the next episode.

You might want scrounge up the episode of the Daily Show where one of their reporters wandered onto the set of the News Room thinking it was real and has a very confusing conversation with Bull Pullman and Emily Mortimer.
You know The Daily Show is a comedy program right?
It's called acting. He even had a monologue prepared.
The US Navy would receive thousands of letters every week from devoted fans, highlighting clues from the program Gilligan's Island about where Gilligan's Island was, so that the Navy could go rescue them.

I was actually wondering that about Colbert. Are there people out there, the hillbillies who believe in Wrestling maybe, who think that Stephen is sincere... Julie Andrews unprepared the alien environment didn't actually figure out that the show was a farce till half way through her interview last month. It was hilarious when she asked if Stephen was a real person.
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