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What space based scifi is doing wrong? No Fantasy and magic drama!!

I've wondered why brands like Stargate, Battlestar, Firefly (....maybe since Fox had little faith in the Serenity idea Joss) and wondered why Trek flopped on the tv screen.

It's too space based, there is too much tech, too much HAL 2001, too much about robots, and spaceships and stuff

The successful stuff today is being grounded with very strong mystical characters and fantasy elements
Potter's magic school, Vampires, a space god with a magic hammer who starts to love a science girl

I find it sad to read Trek has been losing ground, sad to read the next Green Arrow or next Sword of Shannara or next Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a tv show
While Trek gets nothing
I was a big critic of changing the Trek very but now see it needed to be done, it needed a push in the direction of popular youth culture novels, the comic books, the new series like Defiance. JJ Abrams, Roberto, Alex had to bring back that character magic and fantasy element that was in the original tv show
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