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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

marillion wrote: View Post
I'm really starting to feel like the decision to not do any two parters is starting to bite them a little... This could have been a BIG story... Return of the proper Cybermen? Could have been told in epic fashion.. Instead it was clipped and quick and while the writing was great and the action was too, it just felt too rushed..
I completely agree. More often than not, my favorite episodes of the New Series have been the two-parters so I was very disappointed to read that Moffat decided to do away with them this season. The lack of two-parters has definitely hurt this season and I think stories like this one, "Cold War" (which, for me, is the best episode this season), and even "Journey to the Centre" of the TARDIS" would have been much better if they had more breathing room.

Since everyone else is doing it...

1. Asylum of the Daleks
2. Cold War
3. Angels Take Manhattan
4. The Power of Three
5. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
6. Bells of St. John
7. A Town Called Mercy
8. The Snowmen
9. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
10. Crimson Horror (except the last two minutes)
11. Nightmare in Silver
12. Hide (again, except the last two minutes)
13. Rings of Akhaten

Two notes:

1. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a knockout episode all season, nothing on the level of "The Doctor's Wife," "The Girl Who Waited," or "The God Complex."

2. Despite its low ranking, I actually like "Rings of Ahkaten" and I'm still surprised by the level of hate its gotten.

Ultimately, there hasn't been a bad episode this season, but nothing outstanding either. It's been a rather disjointed season, both in pacing and quality.
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