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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

Hey, shields can block any transport, and whatever is in the beam then harmlessly ceases to exist.

That is, they can do that in the previous incarnations of Trek, which is why transporters are fundamentally useless in combat, and difficult to use even in surprise attacks. But Nero supposedly had shields up on his drilling rig when attacking Earth (Chekov specifically points out when they go down at the end of the big climax fight), yet this in no way hindered Kirk and Spock's beaming back and forth - only the interference from Nero's drill did.

That's the sort of discontinuity in treknology that I don't particularly like. But I can live with it: a rat race between transporters and shields would allow occasional penetration, especially when time travel cheats affect the outcome of the race.

What I have a much bigger problem with is the OP's suggestion that there is something in the film about not being able to beam up when beaming down happens without a hitch! The transporter has never been asymmetric like that. Of course, it could be, and by all rights should be, but it isn't. The transporter room guy needs a clear image of what is at the other end, and if he can't see it well enough to beam it up, he can't send anybody down "blind", either.

Or can he? The issue has never arisen in previous Trek, because no beam-down has been desperate enough. Desperation has only involved getting a hero out of a jam, and generally this can't be achieved by sending more people into said jam. But this scene might well involve something worth risking a "blind beam-down".

...Apparently, the hero beaming down isn't able to pack a beacon that would allow him and his target to subsequently be beamed up. But that sort of a limitation can probably easily be handwaved away.

Dunno. Gonna see the flick no matter what. Sounds a bit silly in places, but probably not too damningly so.

Timo Saloniemi
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