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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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. . . Yes, it was foolishness, but that was the point -- the Platonians were a decadent culture who got their jollies by forcing people to humiliate themselves with absurd antics.
Yes, I think we all understood that. But we didn't need to see Kirk and Spock forced to perform degrading antics for 45 goddamn minutes. "Plato's Stepchildren" was another example of barely 30 minutes' worth of story padded out to a full hour.
Yeah, "Plato's Stepchildren" is absolute trash. "And the Children Shall Lead" would be another example of an episode I find painful to watch. Just deplorable on every level. "The Alternative Factor," for all its flaws, is still an episode I can get behind. I don't even consider it the weakest Season 1 episode. That dishonor goes to "Operation: Annihilate!" and its fake vomit monsters on strings.
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