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Re: Your best headache cures!

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I'm trying the espresso cure now. I'll go get some Excedrin on the way home from picking my niece up from school.
That's unwise. I do because, as I said, I know my sporadic, mild headaches are simply hangovers, lack of sleep, or caffeine deprivation. You shouldn't take a stimulant if you are having continuous migraines for days, especially if you take other medicaments as well

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And iguana, here's what I was talking about upthread.
Ugh. No. Just no.

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when one doesn't have an espresso machine.
And what's your excuse for not having one?

More seriously, if you want a decent coffee at home at a budget, get a moka pot. It's not really espresso, but it's a comfortable substitute. None of that instant crap.
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