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The Nexus

For all that is canon-known about it (from Guinan), there could be a new movie. Here's the plot:

Kirk, just after falling from the Enterprise B, wakes up in a green orion babe dancing show (like in The Cage), then remembers he left one Enterprise in danger, decides he needs help, seeks help from Martia (who else? he doesn't know Guinan) but she says she cannot leave because she is already inside (wait, what? well, let's stick to the canon here) but she knows who can.

Then he finds Picard celebrating Christmas and manage to convince him that Christmas sucks (also he meets Locutus but he tells a paradox and the computer part of him self-destructs).

Then they come out the Nexus aboard the Enterprise-B and Picard falls from Deck 78 and dies. Otherwise all is well.

If any inconsistency is noticed, it's because we're now in an "alternate reality".

Man, I should work at Paramount.

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