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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x15 "Pen Pals"

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Bits and pieces:

The main problem for the people of that planet was that the usual deflector operator died without instructing his replacement in the operation of the deflector.
And Kirk and Spock should realize that this will happen again. It's a very probable failure mode in a system that is absolutely dependent on this failure never taking place.
Very probable? How often do asteroid impacts happen on this world?

I meant after the fact.
After the fact, the civilization will have worked out new things all on their own - or learned that they will never have to work out anything on their own again, because space aliens are there to do it all for them. The former approach doesn't seem too disadvantageous to me...
I get the feeling you didn't read my original post very well.

"Don't contaminate the Dremans with knowledge of us," is nonsense because of the colossal footprint the Enterprise is leaving. The tectonic crisis and its sudden abatement will be the most studied event in the planet's geological record. Scientists who assume a natural explanation for the abatement will try to shoehorn it into every natural theory, setting science back greatly. Others will interpret it as a miracle from God, completely changing the nature and role of religion in every culture on the planet.
These are the consequences of hiding the truth about the Enterprise's involvement. Do you really think that letting them know the truth will screw them up more than misleading them in this way?
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