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. . . So far TOS series has impressed me. I'm only 18, but movies from the 60's (The Planet of the Apes, Night of the Living Dead, Goldfinger and Psycho) are some of my favorites.
My young friend, you have excellent taste.

(Coming from someone old enough to be your grandfather.)
I love media that breaks new ground and the 60's are full of that. TV shows, movies and novels that boldly go where no entertainment has gone before. A lot of popular stuff today is just repeating what has already been done and the majority of it isn't quite as impressive; despite the fancy special effects and great action scenes. Finding something made today that is truly ground breaking and unique is a rare thing.

Bioshock Infinite is in my opinion one of the rare (and latest) examples of new media really pushing a genre forward. It's the Citizen Kane of video games.

We're definitely going off-topic here and I'm not sure how strict the topic enforcing is on this forum. I'll try to get back on topic in the next post!
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