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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

40. Green Lantern First Flight: A
41. Oblivion: B+
42. Iron Man 3: B-
43. Planet Hulk: A-
44. Welcome to the Jungle: F

Planet Hulk: A solid translation of the story into an animated form. The one change they made that I wonder why is having Beta Ray Bill instead of Silver Surfer being the cosmically powered slave that Hulk has to best in the arena. Very solid effort here for a Marvel animated adaptation. Learning from Warners perhaps here?

Welcome to the Jungle: It's one of those first person, hand held camera flicks. It was DDVD it seems. It is about 2 20-something couples who are vacationing out in the Indonesian Islands and decide they are going to track down Michael Rockefeller who disappeared in 1961. Last assumed location was New Guinea so they detour their time there. The plan is to find him, alive, interview him, get pics and sell the exclusive for $1 MILLION DOLLARS. A character even mentions the $250K apiece that is as seemingly cheap for the possible dangers but hey, alcohol says to hell with that...lets go. It's bad and I kept watching cause frankly I figured the pay off of the cannibals finding these annoying guys would at least be worth it. The "kicker" of this film is that as the last ones are killed the camera falls and apparently the leader of the cannibals is a 60-ish year old hunching white guy......OMG it's Rockefeller, still alive. *YAWN*
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