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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

So, I wonder what it was we were being told about Don in this episode? Was it that he had actually "fallen" for Sylvia? The whole Master/slave thing seemed to me to be just an extension of his lust for her (as opposed to showing his deep feelings for her) But when she told him it was over he reacted like it was an emotional blow, not like he was just losing a hot piece. Further, his tuning out Megan, was this meant to show his feelings for Sylvia or was this the beginning of him falling out of love with Megan?

LOL. Ted and Don in a d*** swinging contest. Ted's relationship with his dying partner is very heartfelt and deep. These two really seem to care for each other. How is Ted going to function in the dog eat dog relationships among the Cooper, Sterling partners?

They have got to show Peggy's reaction to Bobby Kennedy's death. They have made it a point of showing her making comments about him in a few episodes.
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