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So tell me more about your secret plan to fight inflation.
I would never support a secret plan to fight inflation.

The West Wing, was a qulaity show, sure it had it's ups and downs but what show doesn't.

QUOTEI didn't hate The Newsroom, I just wasn't enamoured by it. I like a lot of the individual components that make up the show, they were just put together in such a way didn't appeal to me. The first season was definitely more Studio 60 than The West Wing. But I'm going to give the second season another shot because of how much I want to love the show, and I'm hoping that the new writing staff helps things to click together better.[/QUOTE]

I could never really get in Studio 60, but I did find The Newsroom easier to get into than Studio 60 is it as good as TWW maybe not but it's still good TV.
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