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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Above average

it's a good popcorn flick. definitely better than 2. it's not the film I was expecting though.

I didn't see the Mandarin twist coming at all, and it was done really well. The actual reveal was a riot. However, it also let me down that we didn't get the comic version. In the end, this movie has the same major problem the others have. The main villain is lame. The trend continuing was a big letdown.

I can't believe I actually stayed for the after credits sequence. That was fucking horrible.

The rest was good, but in the end the only Marvel flick I like less than his one is IM2. I really hope they give Iron Man films a break for awhile after this. Iron Mans boring rogues gallery has tired me on the franchise. The films we got were good, so Marvel should quite while they're ahead.
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