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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Vendikarr and Sojourner:
Yes, we saw Aurora, Phillip, and Mulan find Neal on a beach, but Adam and Eddy just did an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and when the interviewer asked them a question and specifically mentioned Neal being in the Enchanted Forest/FTL, the two of them answered the question as follows:
So now weve got the Neverland stuff, weve got Bae and Mulan in Fairy Land, weve still got Storybrooke how do you plan to cross between worlds next season? Will episodes still include flashbacks?
HOROWITZ: At the end of season 2, weve placed our core group in a very difficult situation. Some of them are on the boat; some of them are behind in Storybrooke; some of them are in another land. So the question is, how do we best continue telling their stories? Sometimes that will require flashbacks; sometimes it wont. We want to continue to expand the storytelling modality of the show, like we did in season 2, where we were able to do things like flash back to Emma for the first time, or see time during the curse.
KITSIS: We are not going to be doing episodes next season that have five different worlds in them. We definitely plan not to overly confuse or complicate the show. Its about simplifying.
Hence my statement of it not having been confirmed that Neal is in the Enchanted Forest/FTL.
Interesting. But until it's shown on screen that Aurora, Philip and Mulan crossed over to another land, I maintain that Neal is now in the Enchanted Forest.
"They have to help the viewers let go. Firefly did a movie to wrap things up. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued on as a comic book. Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season until we were grateful it ended. - Sheldon Cooper
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