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Re: so ST 11 is another timeline

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I'm beginning to think this is completely different Universe,even before the Narada showed up. There are too many inconsistencies in technology for this just to be a different branch of the timeline from when the Narada shows up.
If that were the case, it would make...
But this can indeed be a completely different timeline than the one we knew before, even pre 2233.
As all time-travel episode deal with either pre-destination paradoxes or a "restoring" of the timeline, no major event is changed significantly. In-universe, what we see as the prime-timeline is the culmination of all those time-travel events.

In the new timeline all the major "historical" events also occurred, but without tampering from the TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY-time-travellers, resulting in the year 2233 when we first see the Kelvin; a timeline where technology advanced slightly different/faster and the people are slightly different but similar.
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