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Re: 24 returns as limited series

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I would love to see Greg Itzin back as Logan the slimeball ex president.
About that...

His now institutionalized wife (who hates him for what he did) stabbed him in the shoulder in Season 6 and almost killed him, but he came back for Season 8. At the end of Season 8, he shot himself in the head, but the paramedics said he'll likely survive, though there might be some brain damage (that was just a preliminary guess on their part though, not based on any tests). So he could potentially come back and be a villain again, though honestly, that would be pretty tired. I think they've gone as far with his character as they can go. He's been good, evil, born again, evil again, and flatlined once. Only Jack and Tony have died and come back more than him.

I think they need to go with a more personal foe and limited scope threat for Jack like Victor Drazen was in Season One rather than make it a case where LA or the entire country is threatened again. Season One was a fairly straightforward assassination plot and revenge attempt, but they still made it exciting. After that they kept trying to outdo themselves each season and it just became more and more ridiculous. Keep it simple but exciting.
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