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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi! I am a 22 year old new star trek fan from rhode island.
I was just introduced to tng a month or two ago and I have been totally captivated by it since. Although there are some relationship/power dynamics I find frustrating to watch, I am amused by howsocial bias of the era translates to a "fair and equal" future society.

Characters/Things I adore in tng:
Deanna Troi
Bevery Crusher
Vulcan eyebrows
the costume design
the hair design
most of the set design, esp the hallways
the beautiful planet landscape designs
the Duras sisters
Lwuxana Troi
Risa, or anytime they try to go somewhere to have a nice time and it doesn't work out
that everyone sleeps next to big tropical plants

I am only on s5 e18 so I might wait to finish the series before I get into posting but I'm excited to hear everyone's impressions of the series and see some good screen caps!
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