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Iím starting this on Monday the 13th and I wanted to document my thoughts how I think the movie will turn out. I know the grand surprise, revealing the villains true identity 2\3rds of the way through the film. Looks to me like itís another Joker, Loki, Silva let the villain get captured then turn on you plot.

And thatís another thing, John Harrison as Khan. For good or ill Khan is the Joker of the Trek universe and we all knew heíd be here, but the writers are idiots to try and fake us out for two years. In the directors commentary for Trek2009 they said originally there was going to be one of those Marvel after credits scenes that just showed the Botany Bay floating in space. So theyíve known since 2008 that Khan was going to the villain in this movie.

So before going in hereís what Iíve learned that I love. I really like the Nimoy cameo as written, with him stating they beat Khan at ďGreat Cost.Ē WEíll see how it plays in the future. I wonder if heís written down things like Víger and the Whale Probe? I wonder if Sybok died in Neroís attack.

Sounds like Admiral Robo Cop is in league with Section 31. I canít believe DS9 got the love here.

Savage, batíleth wielding Klingons seem awesome, but I think they are going to be merely window dressing.

Hereís what I am not liking from what I read. The transwarp beaming from the last movie. Beaming to Quíonos sounds ridiculous and it sounds like the distance from Earth to there might be terribly close, but in the pilot of Enterprise they made it there in four days at warp five, so we will see.

Ok, I can handle the Kirk death and resurrection. Every great Trek character has died and comeback, Kirk himself in Generations. In Space Seed McCoy actually said the line: ďThereís something inside this man that refuses to accept death.Ē Iíll give them a bit of leeway with the magic Cheerleader blood.

But Spock yelling KHAAAAAN and going nuts plays terrible on paper, I hope Quinto can pull it off. I know that heíll be dealing with the loss of Amanda and Vulcan and be much more emotionally compromised but I canít help but think Iíll just roll my eyes and laught at this. I just canít believe theyreí going to recreareate the reversal of Trekís greatest death scene, only to reverse it a few minutes later.

So thatís where I can on Monday. Iíll finish this on Thursday.
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