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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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TOS era characters performing feats that Janeway/Picard/Sisko could not do.
What exactly were those feats again, besides the slingshot time-travel?

In the TNG era they have all sorts of goodies that TOS didn't have: phaser-strips, photon-torpedoes that split apart into multiple warheads, holodecks that can become sentient, etc...

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Some people won't rest until the reboot trek returns back to using paper mache rocks again.
Please, you're resorting to hyperbole.

This is supposed to be a prequel in the (if it were prime) late Pike-era. Doesn't it make sense that the tech should be a little less advanced, a little less perfected? It doesn't mean it has to look 60s, but it should feel somehow less advanced than even TOS, let alone TNG.

This actually makes space exploration feel more adventurous and daring. That's what the whole promise of, let's say, Enterprise, which was never fully realized because they made it feel too TNG-like.
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