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Re: Your best headache cures!

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I hope it stops on its own. I tire of doctors.
Are you also tired of life?
At times.
Maybe you wouldn't feel tired of life quite so much if you didn't have headaches all the time, and perhaps you wouldn't have headaches all the time if you went to the doctor. Just saying....

I had headaches almost every day for YEARS, until I finally was told to go to a specialist. It turns out that, because someone broke my nose before/around the time I was 2 years old (parents had some explaining to do), bony growths had almost completely cut off my sinuses. For years, doctors had told me there was nothing wrong, it was an infection that would go away with antibiotics, that I was just depressed, etc. Only that one doctor found the problem and it was fixed surgically in a simple, out-patient procedure.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of finding the right person to fix the problem.
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