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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Whooo, I got the day off!


Enterprise gets help charting a nebula from some very interesting Vulcans, and we learn that jazz music gets T'Pol all hot and bothered.

This was a good episode, for about the first half-hour. And then it became an allegory for rape. (By the way, how is it possible that mind melds are an abandoned practice in ENT, when they're in common use in the later series? This would have to imply that these renegade Vulcans had some impact on the Vulcan majority, and I just don't see that happening.) They couldn't just have an episode about Vulcans trying to balance logic and emotions successfully, could they? Instead, it ended up being about T'Pol's repressed sexuality. It's almost like Berman and Braga feel they're incapable of holding their audience's interest unless they incorporate sex into every episode. So that's what they do. Bah.

The thing is, they really don't have to. There were other aspects of this episode that were good. I liked that these Vulcans (except for Tolaris, or as I like to call him, Creepy McGee) were all seemingly successful at embracing emotion without abandoning logic. I liked Trip's friendship with Kov, the amiable, chubby Vulcan; especially their conversation about football. The line "They're not trying to kill the quarterback!" made me laugh.

Also, I think I'm finally getting some insight into T'Pol's character. She may be a pretty crappy Vulcan, with her haughtiness and disrespect and irritatingly un-Vulcan use of contractions, but at least it's not entirely because of bad writing. Evidently, she kind of knows she's a crappy Vulcan, which is why she has to work constantly at maintaining her self-discipline. Actually, the moments where T'Pol started to lose control of her emotions demonstrated, in my opinion, Jolene Blalock's best acting in this series so far. She proved she can do more than be sarcastic and pouty.

Still, I prefer the dignified, enlightened Vulcans of the previous series. I think I need to go watch some TOS. I miss Spock.
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