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Re: 7.2 Box Set Already Available In America

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I might be cynical, but it's an awful lot of publicity - what if it's just a ruse and no copies were actually sent out ? A couple of photo's with a known fan who is in on it and there you go...
To what possible end? To piss off fans, generate negative publicity and drive the ratings down even further?
Plus BBC isn't legally allowed to play games like this and tell lies. Which means it would be down to BBC America playing the con, and I can't imagine any circumstance where they would think a con like this would be beneficial
Well it's got people talking about the finale, for one. It's probably bumped up orders for the DVD sets, do to people thinking they're going to get it early. I can see some marketing manager coming up with this. And the BBC proper would end up with plausible deniability: "We didn't do it, some packer in the American warehouse fucked up...heads will roll!"
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