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Re: Who is Spock's wife(or mate)?

T'Girl wrote: View Post
If Saavik were to have been Spock's (adopted) daughter, then her "life saving" actions in the pon farr scene take on a whole new meaning.

And now we're back to icky.
Would it have been better for Spock to die again?

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
First I've heard of "Kam" being a suffix meaning daughter.
"Am" could be something like a Chinese father would use in a semi private conversation with his daughter, Saavik-xiaonu (Saavik my daughter).

I've always taken it to be a honorific of some kind.

I took it to be a diminutive or informal way of calling her "my (young) friend."

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
First I've heard of "Kam" being a suffix meaning daughter.
I'm not even familiar with that suffix at all. Was it ever used on TOS? Or prior to The Wrath of Khan?
No, and no.

Agonizer wrote: View Post
Timo wrote: View Post

Spock experienced it only once AFAWK - until being reborn, at which time he again only apparently experienced it once despite supposedly maturing through several decades. Vorik experienced it once (VOY "Blood Fever"), perhaps because he had no mate yet. Tuvok experienced it, too, despite previous experience, but perhaps because he had no telepathic connection to the mate he already had. His still remains the only confirmed case of a repeat performance of pon farr...

Timo Saloniemi
Although not confirmed, can we make the assumption Sarek went through pon farr twice?
Only if we accept the nonsensical idea that Sarek married a princess on a planet that isn't run by a monarchy...
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