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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

A great ending! I have been a big Cochran fan since the first time he played (you can go back and read that thread as proof, others didn't like him but I stuck by him!). I knew he had the potential to be a really amazing player.

The reunion show was a bit strange. They've often shown past Survivors in the audience, but I'm not sure why we had to interview them so often this time. Rudy's interview was...awkward. As well as the interview with that little girl.

I didn't even realize until more than halfway through that the pre-jury Survivors weren't on the stage as they usually are after the vote is read. You know, I think it really speaks to how awesome and crazy this season was that two of the most controversial players that would have been the whole story on a more boring season, Shamar and Brandon, weren't even mentioned in the reunion and yet they were not lacking for material.

Sherri continued to be a non-entity. Did Jeff even ask her any questions after the vote was read? The jury basically ignored her and then she verbally assaulted the one person who did address her (Eric). And somehow, even with half the cast not on stage, there still wasn't enough time for questions.

By the way, what the hell was Eddie talking about when he said he would use the money for a bar/dog park? That was so strange.

So it looks like the rumors about the next season of Survivor are true. Basically a "blood is thicker than water" theme of castaways playing with family members. Actually what I've heard is that it will be returning players with a family member. Haven't they tapped that well dry by now? I saw a completely rumored list of returnees and it included Kat and her cousin; I had totally forgotten about that creepy incestuous relationship.

I guess we'll see what happens next season!
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