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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

Now my US history might be a little rusty and might be in error. But following the Revolutionary War the US had what was known as the Continental Army which wasn't a standing Army. Hence the need in part for the second Ammendment until sometime in the 19th Century the US didn't have a standing Army. So the 2nd Ammendment in part was needed to fufil this void so the US Government could call upon an armed citizenary in order to defend itself. Hence why the 2nd Ammendment talks about militia's.

Wasn't the Continental Army disbanded following the 1784 Treaty of Paris ending hostilities between the UK and the USA? With state militia's providing a ground army? Wasn't ituntil 1787 when Congress was granted the power to raise and support Armies? Now of course that isn't to say that it didn't exist in some form prior to that but wasn't it the War of 1812 that hastened developement of thins like the USN and US Marine Corp.
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