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You know damn well they won't, and even if they do, it'll be like working on a ranch: bullshit, more shit, piled high and deep.

Impressive that you're capable of anticipating all possible future outcomes from there, you probably need to change your posting location to Mt Olympus.
If they rated it an 'F' before it was ever released in their respective areas, what makes you think they're going to give it a fair review?
correct me if I'm wrong (yeah, I know that phrase is totally unnecessary on this subforum whether I'm posting facts or observations, but it is part of this sentence, so deal with it), but there are places that get advance screenings. I remember reading that Texas was supposed to get one, but I don't know if it took place or not.

Honestly now: Do ANY of you folks actually KNOW these other posters' locations to be as advertised, or for that matter that they have absolutely not had opportunity to see the film, either in theaters or via bootleg? I'd figure the burden of proof would be the other way round at this point, unless certain posters here have access to trekbbs member info that isn't generally available (that couldn't be, though - ethically, it would be a 'violation,' as Troi might say.)

Then again, if the posters in question are sufficiently dicklike to cast an official negative vote in a poll based on having seen the film without themselves having seen it, they deserve your wrath (note I am making a distinction between that and just bitching about something based on clips and a synopsis and similar input ... in other words, you won't see my vote/ranking here till I've seen the movie, or at least 60% of it -- and if it is the latter, I'll qualify my remarks by making that clear up front.)
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