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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

The description for Almost Human makes me less interested. For one thing, it's immersed in the hackneyed cliche of AIs being emotionless by default, with emotion being an anomaly that makes them more "human." That's silly. Emotions are preset, hardwired responses to stimuli -- they'd be much simpler to simulate in an AI than cognitive thought. Most animal species have emotional responses. Even plants are capable of experiencing stress. It isn't emotion that makes us human, it's conscious thought and language. I preferred the approach of the previous robot-cop series, Mann and Machine: the android character was fully capable of emotion, and it wasn't portrayed as an anomaly or incongruity; she was simply emotionally immature because of her young age.

For another thing, it sounds like the show's going to be more preoccupied with the mysteries and secrets surrounding Urban's character and his past than on exploring the social ramifications of androids becoming a widespread part of society. I don't know, maybe the mystery will be tied into those questions... but I'm just getting a little tired of the formula that every drama has to have some deep hidden mystery or conspiracy to be unearthed. I kind of miss shows that are just about the case of the week and the characters' gradual development.

Odd coincidence that both this show and Defiance are set around the same time -- 2046 for Defiance, 2048 for this one. There have been different future-based shows set close together in time before, but rarely when they were so close in real time. Not to mention that last year's movie Looper was set partly in 2044. I wonder why thirty-odd years from now is such a popular setting lately.

Sleepy Hollow just sounds weird. I finally get why Ichabod Crane would be connected to something cataclysmic, through the tie-in between the Headless Horseman and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but it's still an odd jumble of a concept and it doesn't seem particularly interesting.

Not sure what to make of Believe or Dracula yet. A Dracula with an American accent is off-putting, even with the explanation that he's posing as an American. And I'm not thrilled by Jessica De Gouw playing Mina. She's been underwhelming as Huntress on Arrow. But Merlin's Katie McGrath (who's playing Lucy Westenra, according to IMDb) is more of a draw.
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