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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

From what I am reading, I think it's not a question of being lazy. I think it's a question of being spread too thin. JJ Abrams was involved in a great many projects.

In the years between the first movie and the second movie, JJ Abrams was involved in 10 film and tv projects, including Star Trek. When you are doing this much, and, in that short amount of time, there are has to be compromises. When I look at Nicholas Meyer, who created what is considered one of the best of the Trek films by several sources, he spent at least three years working on the project solely. (The film prior to ST: TWOK, Time after Time, was released in 1979.)

He seems to have a calendar that is less crowded for the next two years, during which he will be working on the new Star Wars film.
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