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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Iron Man 3 - Theater - Wen't out for Mothers day dinner and movie with the wife last night. So it was a win/win, she got a nice dinner out and I got to see IM3. Unfortunately the wife doesn't enjoy 3D, so we had to see it in 2D. This is my first movie in a theater this year, I saw Best of Both Worlds in the theater a few weeks ago but I don't think that counts as it wasn't really a "movie."

While I really enjoyed the movie, however it left me feeling flat. Robert Downy Jr. just owns the role of Tony Stark. The action set pieces were amazing, I loved the Air Force 1 rescue. Even with seeing it in trailers and commercials, it was very powerful on screen. The whole mantra about the Demons we create was an interesting but I don't think fully realized. Also the character of the Mandarin and it's commentary about living in todays society and the whole do we just need someone to hate, was very powerful and resonated for me.

For me, IM3 while not as convoluted as IM2 actually wasn't significantly better. There was so much more potential with IM3. I could go on and on with critiquing it but that would make it seam like I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I did.

ETA: I have been thinking about what I said, I erred in saying IM3 wasn't significantly better then IM2. IM3 is a significantly better movie then IM2, it just falls flat for me.
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