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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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but as poorly done as The Alternative Factor least Shatner isn't on all fours naying like a horse with a midget on his back riding him.
Wasn't the point of that scene humiliation? It it bothers you to see Kirk forced to become a horse for a midget, then it works.


It was foolishness, plain and simple. Another thing, it doesn't so much as "bother" me as it looks ridiculous to the casual fan, and very much it underlines many of the negative things people say and think about Star Trek without giving it a chance on its best foot. It perpetuates that negative misconception, similar to the one about Japanese food being simply "raw fish".

Further, Unlike The Alternative Factor, it comes across as a lazy effort - falling back into the Roman/Greek sets and props already previously overused in the series. The whole interracial kiss is the only thing they had worth hanging a hat on, and even then....
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