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Re: 7.2 Box Set Already Available In America

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I think it's more likely that the copies that went out will simply have been received by people who have no knowledge of/interest in DVD ripping and torrenting. No one who actually has legal authority is going to care enough even to threaten legal action over something like this. If they put the Gallifrey Base admins in charge, maybe...
Put Gallifrey Base admins in charge and half the fandom would be in shackles for even talking about the leak.

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Are we sure this was an accident and not part of the hyping up machine?
Generally the Hype-up machine wants to tease, not provide a way for full copies to be released onto the internet before the actual show.
Do we even know that there is a real leak?

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Tom wrote: View Post
Have not seen the torrent out yet.
We might not - depends on number of people who received it - if it is low, how hard is to contact each of them and brace them with possible legal consequences?
It'd be a waste of time and money on their part, not to mention all but guaranteeing that a copy of the DVD made it into the wild.
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