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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

BenRoethig wrote: View Post
I like that they're doing something a little different here instead of completely rehashing the Peta Wilson version.
Thank God. I did NOT like the Wilson Nikita-Lite version. Oh, poor Nikita was innocent. That's not how the original went, nor the US remake (Point of No Return).

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Aragorn wrote: View Post
No, in the Bridget Fonda remake, she blew away someone in cold blood who tried to help her.
Been a while since I've seen it but I thought she was framed or it was an accident or something. Damn faulty memory...
In PoNR, she was a drug addict who was with the gang robbing one of the gang members fathers' drug store. She was sitting on the floor and a cop came over and asked her if she was okay and she pulled a gun and blew him away. She was a nasty bitch when being booked, at trial and at the beginning of training.

This version, imho is a continuation of Point of No Return. She gets out at the end of PoNR. But with her boyfriend. It seems in this version, he was "cleaned". But they did take some things (like Birkoff) from the LFN abomination.
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