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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x16 "Q Who"

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Sonya Gomez - more character development in two minutes, forty seconds than Tasha Yar got in a full season. Would definitely have liked to see more of her.
I was going to save my comments about Sonya Gomez for her last appearance in the next episode, but than I thought more about her role in this episode and figured it'd be best to leave it here.

Despite certain instances that make her kind of a nuisance, I really did enjoy Sonya Gomez as a character and it broke my heart when I realized she only appears in one other episode and was never brought back. She was the kind of character Wesley Crusher should have been. The young, inexperienced ensign who wanted to serve onboard the Enterprise and become a part of something big. Her line to Geordi about why she chose the Enterprise is a really nice exchange.

LaForge: You know, you're awfully young to be so driven.
Sonya: Yes, I am. I had to be. I had to be the best because only the best get to be here. Geordi, Lieutenant
LaForge: It's okay. Go on.
Sonya: Whatever is out here, we're going to be the first humans to see it. And I want to be a part of that. I want to understand it.
And if you think about it, her character's role in this episode sort of parallels that of Picard's. Both characters are firmly dedicated to their job and they desperately want to become a part of something that only Starfleet can offer. Q's last line to Picard could have been a great basis on where her character could go.

Q: It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross, but it's not for the timid.
Because despite her drive and ambition, Sonya did come off as timid and fragile during the course of this episode. That scene where she can't focus on getting the shields back up due to the thought of 18 people being killed by the Borg does a good job at further emphasizing Q's point. His actions didn't just affect Picard, but everyone else on the Enterprise. I can imagine an episode that deals with Sonya still trying to come to terms with her inability to act in an efficient manner during the Borg attack. Did her uncertainty lose the confidence that Geordi had in her? Can she keep it together and do what needs to be done if something similar were to happen? Or more importantly, does she really want to be out exploring the deep reaches of space where threats like the Borg exist?

It's a great pity that Sonya joins the ranks of many other characters who actually brought presence to their roles in Star Trek, but were never brought up or mentioned again. Even the next Borg episode, "The Best of Both Worlds" will follow suit to that practice.
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